Entreprise de micro décolletage


mu-DEC is a micro bar-turning company specialized in the production of complex geometry components targeted at the luxury watchmaking sector.


Working mainly in the medium-sized prototype sector, mu-Dec creates products in conventional materials such as steel, titanium, stainless steel, brass, CuBé and aluminium. Key technologies applied include cutting, thermal treatment, rolling, polishing, decoration and assembly. mu-DEC’s expertise is renowned amongst numerous high-end watchmaking brands, who trust it in the production of complex geometry parts, including components of the regulating organ (e.g. balances, axis, escape wheels, pallets, dual trays, ferrules, guard pins), as well as other complex components such as column wheels, sliding pignons, winding stems and stud-holders.

mu-DEC continuously invests in high tech production facilities to meet the growing needs of manufacturers of movements.

Located in the Develier region, mu-DEC carries on the quality and tradition of Swiss watchmaking and the « Swiss-Made » label.

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