DeviceMed Magazine Interviews Microweld CEO, Norbert Giraud

The specialist magazine for medical manufacturers and suppliers, DeviceMed, published an interview with Microweld CEO, Norbert Giraud in their Aprill edition.

The interview touched on why the company’s integration into the Acrotec group felt like a natural step for both sides. As a European leader in laser processes applied in the production of medical implants, instruments and ancillary equipment, Microweld perfectly complemented the Acrotec’s Medtech division. This division now numbers nine leading manufacturers of high-precision components for dental, orthopedic and cardiovascular implants, diagnostic equipment, medical pumps, instruments for minimally invasive surgery and ophthalmology.

Microweld Laser Micro Cut and Welded Components

Microweld Laser Micro Cut and Welded Components

With 25 years of expertise in laser applications and a superior machine park with over 30 pieces of equipment, Microweld offers services in laser micro-welding, laser micro-cutting, laser marking, laser ablation, and half-machining. Its addition to the Acrotec group allowed for the vertical integration of its laser technologies and the development of complete sub-systems for different medical sectors, made with parts designed, machined and treated within the group.

Asked about Microweld’s reasons for joining the Acrotec’s circle of renowned precision micromechanics experts, Norbert Giraud explained that the main motivator was the possibility for cross-functional projects with other companies in the group. Next to this, he highlighted the opportunity to be more identifiable in medical devices markets.

“The current trend towards miniaturisation and the sophistication of medical devices strategically encourages us to be more identified in these markets with the group’s subsidiaries. This is particularly true of the American market, which is now easier to access thanks to Acrotec’s presence across the Atlantic.”

To read the full DeviceMed magazine interview, follow the link: Microweld : des compétences laser de premier choix pour Acrotec (French)