Sigatec and Mimotec are expanding in the Iles industrial zone in Sion

In the middle of a significant growth phase, the two Valais members of the Acrotec Group are expanding their premises following Sigatec’s acquisition of a new industrial building in Sion.

New Sigatec building in Sion

Sigatec was founded in Sion in 2006 by Mimotec (Acrotec Group) and Ulysse Nardin, the current founders and shareholders. The company specialises in manufacturing silicon micromechanical components for the watchmaking, aviation and biomedical industries. Since its foundation, Sigatec has shared its industrial premises at Route des Iles 20, in Sion, with Mimotec, a key player in the Swiss watchmaking industry, founded in 1998 by Dr Hubert Lorenz.

Sigatec and Mimotec have seen significant recent growth. In four years, Sigatec has almost quadrupled its workforce, from 15 to over 50 employees. “We had to find a new site to accommodate this growth,” explains Nicolas Tille, CEO of Sigatec. “The assembly of the silicon parts we produce requires more space and additional machines.”

Sigatec has therefore acquired an industrial building on Chemin Grély 2, still in the same industrial zone, Les Iles, in Sion. This move, of 100 metres, has meant it has been able to increase the size of its site from 400 to 1,000 m2 since the end of last year.

Mimotec is well-known in the field of watchmaking and is diversifying in the field of micro-gears and test tips. It, too, must expand to meet sustained growth. “Since 2019, we’ve recorded an increase of more than 50% in our activity,” says Alain Hess, CEO of Mimotec. “We therefore also needed to find more space. Sigatec’s departure allows us to take over its premises in the building we shared and thus increase our site to 1,800 m2 for our 50 or so employees.”

This is a logical synergy for the two Acrotec Group members, that are now working on establishing a new joint clean room for the specific treatment of silicon micro parts and micro parts produced using UV-LIGA technology.

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