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We are an independent group of professionals specialised in micro-mechanics precision. Our group serves different industries and is organized in 3 distinct divisions namely: Watchmaking-Jewellery, Medtech and Precision High-Tech.

Watch and Jewellery

Acrotec is the largest independent watch components supplier for the Swiss premium mechanical watch market, with long established operating companies, some active in the watch market for over 100 years. The companies have long standing relationships with all major actors of this market. The Group manufactures most of the key components of a movement like oscillating weights, escapements, shock absorbers, and spring barrels. All parts manufactured by the Group meet the highest quality standards set out by its customers and are complying with the Swiss Made label requirements. Acrotec is also active in the jewellery market with the production of premium jewels for renowned brands.


Acrotec is one of the main players in the European Medtech subcontracting market. The group is mainly active in the fields of trauma, with the production of implants and instruments for spine surgery, extremities and maxillo-facial procedures as well as dental applications with implants, abutments and instruments. The group also covers hospital equipment by developing and manufacturing high precision pumps used in dialysis and diagnostics equipment, ophthalmology and ENT with implants and instruments, as well as minimally invasive surgery components.

Precision High-Tech

The group supplies high precision components for the electronics, aerospace and automotive industries. The main applications cover connector components, high precision parts for civil and military aircrafts from cockpit to jet engines, as well as a wide range of automotive applications focused on engine efficiency improvement solutions and e-mobility. General industry is also covered through niche market applications requiring a specific care in the manufacturing of the products.


To remain at the forefront of technological innovation in its areas of expertise, the Acrotec Group launched its R&D department at the beginning of 2020, to benefit from merging the skills of its twenty or so companies. Acrotec relies on the group's exceptional knowledge in industrial automation and high precision by ...

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Our Group Companies

Watch & Jewellery division

Medtech division

Precision High-Tech division

Passion for Details

Acrotec serves a loyal industry-leading customer base of 1,500+ customers with key relationships existing for over 20 years

Aerospace Competence

Aeronautics and aerospace require both optimal solutions and optimal reliability. Thanks to the Group’s expertise and the quality processes of its partners, we can meet the requests of major aircraft manufacturer’s suppliers.

Horological Technology

The Group produces critical components for mechanical watches, such as shock absorbers, regulators, spring barrels, oscillating weights and moving parts as well as machinery and tools for the watchmaking industry.

Bespoke High-Tech Machines

Our technologies include screw machining, CNC turning, CNC Multi spindle machining, transfer machining, milling, micromachining and gearing. This allows our production plants to offer a competitive solution to our customers.

Quality Management

Our mission is to support our clients with a best-in-class quality and increase their competitive advantage by offering state-of-the-art products and processes that improve both productivity and efficiency.

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