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Générale Ressorts

Générale Ressorts is the market leading manufacturer of springs and spring barrels, both critical components of the watch movement. The company also manufactures high yielding energy modules, flat and shaped springs, as well as milled components for transportation, aerospace and industrial applications. The company is located in Bienne, Switzerland.


Générale Ressorts develops high quality mainsprings, composed of completely non-magnetic materials with a high energy potential, exceptional fatigue strength and excellent corrosion resistance.

Générale Ressorts has filed patents for BIOFLEX®, an innovative material used for mainsprings. BIOFLEX® is a unique, patented alloy which:

  • Reduces energy loss between 0 and 24 hours to increase chronometric stability
  • Increases the spring’s fatigue strength
  • Increases the number of turns, and thereby the power reserve

Générale Ressorts can develop turnkey barrels: a complete barrel, assembled and tested to suit customers’ requirements and quality criteria. The company offers a range of complete barrels which are compatible with the calibres most often required by after sales services around the world.


Générale Ressorts supplies the following markets:

  • Watch: Springs and spring barrels (standalone or barels)
  • Transportation: Assembled tachometers barrels for truck control
  • Aerospace: Spiral springs
  • Connectors: Splice protection for fibre optic
  • General industries: Flat and special springs for industrial machines

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Jean-Michel Uhl

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Générale Ressorts
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