The Group produces barrel covers and drum barrels, 2 core components that comprise the spring barrel, a watch’s energy module.

The Group can develop turnkey barrels: a complete barrel, assembled and tested to suit the customer’s needs, special requirements and quality criteria, and in line with the joint technical specifications.

The Group offers a range of five complete generic barrels which are compatible with the calibres most often required by the after sales services around the world, in the following considerations:

  • automatic or manual springs;
  • two types of teeth, in accordance with the main standards in current use.

In addition to the above, the Group is able to provide:

  • profile-turning;
  • cutting of the drum, cover and barrel arbours;
  • Supply spring fitted barrel drum with arbour (for complete spring barrel).

A watch’s energy module (complete spring barrel) generally consists of the following pieces:

  1. The barrel cover which is used as a closure along with the drum barrel, in which the contents of the barrel spring are located
  2. The arbour, on which is fixed the spring barrel
  3. The barrel spring, which enables the conservation of energy when it is stretched and to release it when it is unwinding. Most of the time it is made of a metal ribbon made of steel wound inside a wheel
  4. The drum barrel is what enables the transmission of energy to the wheel when the barrel spring unwinds itself

For all requests you can contact Jean-Michel Uhl at GÉNÉRALE RESSORTS, under the following email :