Research & Development

To remain at the forefront of technological innovation in its areas of expertise, the Acrotec Group launched its R&D department at the beginning of 2020, to benefit from merging the skills of its twenty or so companies. Acrotec relies on the group’s exceptional knowledge in industrial automation and high precision by capitalising on the collective strength of its expertise in the watchmaking, medical, aerospace, aeronautics, electronics and automotive sectors.


Based at its new premises in Boudry, Acrotec R&D SA is managed by Vincent Rieder and operates with a team of five engineers. The company works in close collaboration with Philippe Jacot, CTO of the group, who is in charge of strategic and technological directions.


The team wants to consolidate the skills of the group’s companies to develop new and innovative synergies by also relying on a network of solid partners in a variety of fields. As with H2i‘s new and innovative technological offering, several projects have already been completed or are currently being finalised. They will then be rolled out by one of Acrotec’s companies so that these technological advances are quickly made available to their clients.

Acrotec R&D

Vincent Rieder

Director R&D Acrotec

Acrotec R&D
Route de l’Europe 7 – 2017 Boudry
+41 32 545 20 70