Manufacturing stone for watchmaking and other industries


Two stories, one merger

Pierhor SA was founded in 1899, which makes them the oldest manufacturer of jewels for watchmaking still active today. Specialising in the production of rubies for watchmaking, they have supplied the major brands of the Swiss watchmaking industry from their very beginning.

Gasser-Ravussin SA was founded in 1927. Also specialising in the production of watchmaking stones, they were pioneers in the laser manufacturing of rubies and sapphires and rapidly developed non watchmaking alternatives for international markets.

The year 2017 marked the beginning of a new adventure for both of these companies when they were acquired by the Acrotec group. In 2018 both companies merged on the original site of Pierhor SA in Ecublens to become Pierhor-Gasser SA. This new independent entity combines over 200 years of watchmaking know-how in addition to opening up to non watchmaking international industries.

Unique know-how

The principal materials manufactured are synthetic single crystals such as rubies, sapphires and spinels as well as technical ceramics. The materials have the distinction of having a hardness ranging from 1’200 to 2’000 Vickers.

The developed manufacturing procedures enable the precision of microns, not only for the machining of holes of 0.05mm in diameter, but also for external cylindrical grinding of 5mm parts.

These procedures provide surface qualities in nanometer which enable the systems that integrate them to reach the required performance.

The company is ISO 9001 certified. To answer to the requirements of the Medtech markets and to expand internationally, Pierhor-Gasser is ISO 13485 certified.

Products & Services

  • Manufacturing of precious stones for watchmaking and mains industries
  • Ultra precise single crystal rubies for watchmaking
  • Machining of extra hard materials
  • Synthetic sapphire parts
  • All parts for the calibration of fluids and gases
  • Nozzles for cutting by water jets and various injections
  • Precision bearings made of ultra hard materials
  • Laser machining of corundum and ceramics
  • Drilling and cutting of crystalline micro parts by laser machining
  • Isolator of pacemaker
  • Check-valves for implants
  • Micro-endoscopy


Jean-Michel Uhl

Chief Executive

Chemin du Croset 9B, CP 107,
1024 Ecublens, Switzerland
+41 (0)21 661 28 70