Press release

September 2023

Friedrich Daniels, a leading manufacturer of surgical instruments, joins Acrotec

The Acrotec Group wins anather award in the “Switzerland Best Managed Companies” program.

Acrotec Group earns Great Place To Work (GPTW) certification, confirming the success of its ESG policy

July 2023

Dawnlough joins the Acrotec Group, strengthening its medtech and aeronautics divisions

March 2023

AFT Micromécanique is celebrating 25 years in high-precision medical technology

January 2023

Sigatec and Mimotec are expanding in the Iles industrial zone in Sion

The Acrotec Group appoints three directors to manage its divisions and adapt to its development

The Acrotec Group agrees to acquire Axial Medical

July 2022

Takumi joins the Acrotec Group

July 2022

May 2022

CAPSA joins the Acrotec Group

Thierry Miller at the head of Roch Mécanique de précision

Horlyne joins the Acrotec Group

April 2022 

Creation of Acrotec Medtech division

Team-Metal to join the Acrotec Group

March 2022

Décovi celebrates its 75th anniversary

February 2022

Cédric Chèvre named co-CEO of Décovi

December 2021

The Acrotec Group unveils its new headquarters

September 2021

Metal additive manufacturing at the service of watchmaking

July 2021

Brian King joins the Board of directors 

June 2021 

easyDec and poliTrempe are joining the Acrotec Group

Mai 2021

Microweld joins the Acrotec Group

February 2021

Pierhor-Gasser obtains ISO 13485 certification and diversifies into Medtech

January 2021

STS revolutionizes its offer and proposes alternatives to the soaring price of Rhodium

A new CEO and a new Technical Manager to DJC 

December 2020

The Acrotec Group joins The Carlyle Group

October 2020

A new quality manager in DJC

January 2020

The new Pierhor-Gasser company obtains ISO 9001 certification

December 2019

Décovi, 10 years of making oscillating weights for the largest brands 

September 2019

Tectri joins the Acrotec Group

Diener AG Precision Machining and Diener Precision Pumps join the Acrotec Group

The WatchDec SA company settles in Courgenay

April 2019

ROCH Mécanique de precision joins the Acrotec Group

March 2019

ONEOF® The start-up making waves in Swiss watchmaking.

January 2019

The AFT Micromachanics company join the Acrotec Group

December 2018

The WatchDec SA company join the Acrotec Group

November 2018

The Mimotec micromechanical company, supplier to all the major watch brands, celebrate their twentieth birthday.

October 2018

The Acrotec Group names Elisabeth Saulcy site manager for both STS Meyrin and STS La Chaux de Fonds

February 27, 2018

The Pierhor and Gasser-Ravusin companies regroup their production sites

August 16, 2017

Pierhor SA joins the Acrotec Group

May 15, 2017

Acrotec acquires Mimotec SA

April 19, 2017

H2i joins the Acrotec Group

April 7, 2017

Acrotec acquires Gasser Ravussin

June 20, 2016

Castik Capital to partner with Switzerland’s Acrotec Groupe SA