Passion That Builds Excellence


Established in 1988, Team-Metal is recognised in the industry for its high-precision mechanical products and services. It produces intricate parts that are sought after by a wide range of industries, including the life sciences, analytical instruments, medical, lifestyle and office. Besides harnessing the latest technologies to meet the unique challenges of each project, Team-Metal places an emphasis on providing value-added services and presenting customers with truly effective and integrated solutions.


Team-Metal commits to our valued customers with quality products and services at most competitive pricing through total manufacturing improvements, now and in the future.


To be a world-class company with world class operations in strategic location, serving our valued customers.

Market served

  • Life sciences
  • Analytical
  • Medical
  • Office automation
  • Life style

Products & Services

  • High-mix low-volume precision mechanical products and services
  • Electro-mechanical sub-assemblies
  • Secondary processes and surface treatments
  • NPI and Value Engineering support


KS Chan


Grace Tan

Sales Executive

Team Metal
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