Purpose, Vision, Mission

The Acrotec Group shares core values with its clients through long-term relationships and close collaboration, offering solutions adapted to each of them.

We see ourselves as partners of our clients and not as mere service providers. We want to actively contribute to the success of their end products.

Our objectives are therefore very clear to our customers: always reduce their production costs, increase their technological performance, make their products unique and improve their satisfaction. These objectives are possible thanks to our technical innovations and the conformity of our products and technologies.

By federating know-how and talent within the same group, Acrotec is determined to simplify the complexity of subcontracting by providing its clients with a wide range of complementary watchmaking and industrial skills.


“To innovate and offer our customers very high quality products and processes that give them a real competitive and economic advantage”.

Our Values


We bring together entrepreneurs who have created and developed their company with the boldness and the temperament that they pass on to their teams to move forward, take risks, dare, and continuously improve.


We respect the personalities of our clients, the talents that make our companies come alive and the history of each of them.


We insist on the principles of openness, loyalty, honesty, and fairness among ourselves, with our customers and with our business partners.


We defend the freedom of our company. We act autonomously and without executive or operational dependency. Independence is in our genes because it allows innovation, initiative, audacity and will continue to inspire and energize our teams. It also explains why our production has achieved such a degree of successful vertical integration.

Our Strengths


The ingenuity of our teams is at the service of our customers’ performance to constantly innovate in a useful and efficient way.


The performance of our machines, our services and our components are aimed at the highest level of quality demanded by our customers, according to the highest labels on the market, in particular the world-renowned Swiss Made.


A demanding quality label that is at the heart of the Acrotec Group’s DNA.


Our raison d’être is to unite talent at the service of our clients. Every day our priority objective will always be to act to offer them the best possible quality of service and put ourselves in their shoes, as if our clients’ objectives were our own. We want to make them stronger, more efficient, more agile and more prosperous!