The passion of the customer


Founded in 1973, Petitpierre is a manufacturer of  specialised machines for the microtechnology industry with great watchmaking experience (movement side) as well as for the assembly and control of precision components. The company is located in Cortaillod NE, Switzerland.


Petitpierre specializes in production of watchmaking tools, as well as in the assembly and control of microcomponents. The company enhances the Group’s knowledge of critical components that it currently does not produce or assemble, such as parts that constitute the watch “assortment”.

Petitpierre designs and builds bespoke machinery and automation processes for the high-end watchmakers.

Further, the company delivers key after-sales products, such as dynamometric screwdrivers, torque meters, measuring instruments, horological magnifying glasses and luxury horological tool boxes for collectors.


Petitpierre supplies the following industries:

  • Watch: assembly machining, tools
  • Medical: mechanical subcontracting and equipment
  • Aerospace: mechanical subcontracting and equipment

Industries served

Products & Services

  • Engineering to measure
  • Assembly machines
  • Torque screwdrivers
  • Dimensional measuring device

The Management


General Manager

CH. des Murgiers 12, 2016 Cortaillod, Switzerland
+41 32 843 44 22