Engineering & Customization of Assembling Tools


When a product is composed of various components and when there exists both a feasible and economical method for automatic assembly, it is indispensable to figure out a reliable and high quality system to achieve this goal.

In light of the considerable investment required to acquiring such a system, a guaranteed final success is therefore necessary.

That is why the “Construction engineers” of Petitpierre SA offer to their clients, their great experience in the assembly of all types of components, from complicated forms, to light-weight and to very small dimensions, which characterise their complex routings and adjustments.

The flexibility of our structure and the “all in house” will be, for the client, a source of productivity gains. Numerous companies, which have trusted Petitpierre SA have been able to verify that success was always there.

For this purpose, we put our PASSION for micromechanics and assembly automation at the disposal of all those who desire to improve their production processes.

Watch-making Tools

From 8-figure dynamometric screwdrivers to sieves and sort diamonds, they are all answers to the same problem: the lack of adequate tooling available on the market.

Within this context, Petitpierre SA listens attentively to the specific needs of its clients before proceeding to the study and realisation of such tooling.

Our experience, acquired through the quality demands of some of the largest customers from the watch-making, medical and aeronautical industries, accelerates the development of the best-suited solutions. It guarantees the functionality and ergonomics of the tools.


Numerous industries offer products comprised of components made of a quality level that is close to perfection, with equal attention paid to the choice of materials, dimensions, surface and geometric complexity.

In most cases, these industries do not have access to the means of production in order to achieve such perfection. As such, Petitpierre SA presents itself as a solution to them through sub-contracting in multiple areas.

For all requests you can contact Remy Duding at PETITPIERRE under the following email: