About the Acrotec Group

Through its companies, the Acrotec Group brings together unique and complementary skills in the High-Precision technology markets. Be it with High-Tech components or with specialized services, the Acrotec Group is present in the watchmaking, Medtech, automotive, aerospace, aeronautics or electronics industries.

The Acrotec Group produces the following products:

  • components of all levels of complexity for the mechanical watchmaking industry, tooling and  machines, as well as chronometric measuring devices for watches and jewellery;
  • custom spindles and probes for the aerospace, aeronautics, automotive and medical markets; and
  • complex automotive components such as turbochargers, and many others…

The services offered by the group include galvanizing, polishing, varnishing, sanding, decorating, heat treatment, engineering, inspection and customization of assembly tools.

The group’s companies are located mainly in Switzerland, and also in France (Haute-Savoie) and the United States.

The group facilitates the management of cross and/or grouped sales.

With its brand-new transversal Research & Development unit, the Acrotec Group leverages the skills of its companies to innovate and create new technological synergies for the benefit of the customers’ performance. It facilitates the transfer of knowledge and information between the different companies, exploits synergies in the supply of machinery and equipment and facilitates the internalization of some of its equipment and services.

The companies of the group are all federated under the common values of the Acrotec Group to share best practices and offer vertical or transversal chains of expertise to a first-class clientele.

Key Strengths

  • A federation of know-how and talents brought together by the values of the Acrotec Group
  • An ability to transform the ideas of this synergy of skills into useful innovations for customers
  • A willingness to offer vertical integration to customers, from services to surface treatments and automatic inspections
  • A group Research & Development unit capable of inventing new technological synergies between the Group’s companies
  • Longstanding relationships, of at least 20 years, with clients who are leaders in their field
  • Most of the watchmaking customers who produce high-end watches whose prestige and technological excellence will never be replaced by connected bracelets
  • Excellent reputation in the market, in the media and with institutional partners
  • Teams of employees who are fully engaged, committed and proud of their company’s unique know-how
  • Management teams within each company that remain in place after joining the Group
  • Recurring growth in financial results for several years

Facts & Figures

Serving more than 1,500 clients with whom we have maintained a relationship of trust and complicity for at least 20 years.

Present in the fast-growing High-Precision technology markets.

More than 29 production sites, more than 1,400 machines, more than 2’500 employees, and more than 40 export markets.

Products include shock absorbers, spring barrels, oscillating weights and various other high precision components

Provides high-precision industrial applications for the watchmaking and jewellery, Medtech, automotive, aeronautics or aerospace industries.

Diversification to attractive, growing industrial sectors

Loyal and long-lasting relationship with a demanding, first-class clientele.

One of the largest independent suppliers of movement components for Swiss Haute Horlogerie.

Recognized player in the market for high-precision machines and small complex components for the watchmaking and High-Precision industry.










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