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Based in the heart of the Jura Arc, WatchDec SA is equipped with a modern infrastructure and state-of-the-art machinery enabling the development and optimisation of increasingly complex pieces.


Experienced and highly qualified in the manufacture of the most complex pieces, WatchDec SA controls every step of the manufacturing process to provide the client with a final product of the highest quality and with a perfect finish. Additional operations to the bar turning process are also offered such as thermal treatment, polishing, cutting, rolling, sandblasting, microblasting, nickel-plating, gold-plating, and so on.

Quality Control:

WatchDec ensures its clients of a meticulous supervision and inspection of the manufacturing process. Its metrology department is equipped with gauges and the standard Quick Control manual tools, as well as Marcel Aubert video measuring systems. These operations enable us to be reactive, flexible and efficient in replying to clients’ requests and requirements.

Products & Services

Precision micro-component turning :

  • From small to large series
  • Up to 10 mm diameter


Cyrille Matthieu


Rue de l’Armeratte 10
2950 Courgenay, Switzerland
+41 (0)32 566 55 10