Bar-turning & oscillating weights


For nearly 70 years Décovi SA has specialized in the production of high precision parts for a wide range of demanding applications and a large dimension spectrum. In the last years it developed a new strength with the production of finished oscillating weights for the largest watchmaking brands. The company is located in Vicques, Switzerland.


Equipments of last generation enable Décovi to guarantee both machining accuracy and optimal quality. The materials used include brass, copper, Cu-Be, various stainless steels, various steels, aluminum, titanium, Inconel, heavy metals such as Tungsten alloys, PEEK and other plastic materials. The company produces components for internationally renowned watch brands for both the casing (bezels, flanges, turned middles, casing rings, retaining rings), as well as the movement (drums, barrel lids, perpetual calendars and oscillating weights). The equipment allows the production of diameters up to 65mm.

Décovi SA know-how includes following processes: turning, milling, laser engraving, assembling, deburring and prototyping. The company also executes various techniques of decoration, including snailing, Geneva stripes, beading, surface treatment, colouring and tampo printing. Further, the company can also take care of the assembling and crimping of bi-metal pieces.

The production processes are highly automated and robotised, allowing Décovi to be very competitive, from the prototype to large quantities.


Décovi supplies for the following markets:

  • Watchmaking: Oscillating weights, drum barrels and barrel covers
  • Medical: Components for medical devices and implants
  • Aerospace: connection elements in aluminium, stainless steel, titanium
  • Defence: Bar-turned and milled components

The Management

Cédric Chèvre

General & Administrative Manager

Stéphane Grabalosa

Sales Contact Person
+41 (0)32 436 10 61

Z.I. La Romaine N°2
2824 Vicques, Switzerland
+41 (0)32 436 10 60