The Medtech sector is extremely demanding, driven by the new regulations involving a quality, traceability and documentation level requiring dedicated structures. Over the years, the Group has acquired and developed the necessary skills in order to produce precision components and sub-assemblies for medical devices. Furthermore it is a trusted partner for the production of spinal, extremities, maxillofacial and dental implants as well as the set of instruments required to perform the related surgical procedures.

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The companies active in the Medtech division :

  • AFT Micromécanique: Specialised for more than 20 years in the manufacturing of spin implantable devices, orthopaedics and instrumentation
  • Axial Medical: Specialized in the mass production of the most complex implants on the market
  • Butech: Industrial applications requiring a very fine wire and absolute precision
  • Dawnlough: Dawnlough designs and machines high-precision, difficult metals combined with very fine assembly, whether for tooling, the industrialization of medical devices, or the components of these same devices. Dawnlough is Ireland’s largest supplier of custom tooling.
  • Décovi : Precision turning of equipment components for medical applications
  • Diener AG Precision Machining: Producer of high-quality mechanical components such as implants, instruments and specialised subassemblies for medical devices
  • Diener Precision Pumps: Provides custom precision pump solutions for OEM customers in the medical market : diagnostic, dialysis, sterilization, cooling
  • easyDec: High precision screw-cutting on complex micro parts
  • Friedrich Daniels: Specializing in spine (anterior, posterior, lateral and minimally invasive systems), navigation systems, silicone handle design, feet and ankles, and traumatology.
  • Microweld : Laser welding and laser marking in the medical sector / Microwelding and laser microcutting for implants and instruments
  • Pierhor-Gasser: Rubies and sapphires for medical applications as isolator of pacemaker isolators, bearings for endoscopy
  • PoliTrempe (only in French): Micro-welding and laser micro-cutting covering a wide range of applications
  • Takumi: Experts in bespoke medical components assembly and manufacturing
  • Team Metal: High-precision machining of metal components for various industries
  • Tectri: Specialised in precision machining of implants and medical devices
  • STS Develier: Surface treatment for implants and surgical instruments
  • WatchDec: Turning of micro-components for Medtech applications