AFT Micromécanique is celebrating 25 years in high-precision medical technology

AFT Micromécanique, which specialises in machining and milling for the Medtech industry, is celebrating its 25th anniversary, with very promising development prospects. AFT Micromécanique is a perfect example of a company that has been able to adapt the skills of an area renowned for its know-how in screw-cutting for the automotive industry, by specialising in machining for the Medtech industry.

Founded a quarter of a century ago in Fillinges (France), in a valley known worldwide for its technical expertise in screwcutting for the automotiveb industry, AFT Micromécanique has developed a recognised know-how in high-precision machining and NC milling of medical devices. AFT Micromécanique is a model in machining useful medical implants, from head to toe, whether orthopaedic, cervical and spinal implants or dental implants.

It also manufactures urological and hearing-aid housings. The company specialises in machining medical instruments used in the dental sector and surgical robotics. It manufactures forceps and forceps tips, mainly in stainless steel type 316L or 17-4PH with passivation.

Medical parts require several different machining operations and complete precision,” explains Jérôme Frésard, CEO of AFT Micromécanique. “All our machined components meet the strict standards of the medical industry. Each part is tailored to our customers’ needs and requirements using titanium, stainless steel and PEEK. We also assemble complex ready-to-use parts.”

Jérôme Frésard represents the 4th generation of the Frésard family, which is active in the industry. It was his father who created AFT Micromécanique in 1997 by daring to be the first to specialise in screw-cutting for the medical industry. Since then, the company has grown, building a second production site in Courgenay, Switzerland in 2019.

This development means we are closer to our customers and having two
production sites guarantees the security of supply, as well as meeting the demand of those of our customers who are committed to the Swiss Made label,” explains Jérôme Frésard. “This is a new guarantee for our customers, as is our integration into the Acrotec Group, whose values and Medtech quality offer us value added.”

AFT Micromécanique now employs 60 people, 47 of whom are based in Fillinges. The company continues to grow, with turnover almost doubling since 2018.“We attract both young, innovative start-ups and well-known medical end-product companies that appreciate our ability to produce small volumes,” explains Jérôme Frésard. “AFT Micromécanique has an excellent reputation in the medical market and the development potential is huge with the innovations we are involved with.

AFT Micromécanique building in Fillinges