3 Group companies will take part in the Technical Watchmaker Show 2023

The Technical Watchmaker Show (TWS) returns for its 4th year. Dedicated specifically to the watchmaking and microtechnology professions, the show will be held from September 12 to 15, 2023 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the capital of watchmaking expertise.

This year, three Acrotec Group companies will be present at the TWS: Horlyne, Petitpierre and H2i , which you can find at stands B16 for Horlyne and B1 for Petitpierre and H2i.

Horlyne will be showcasing its fine oscillating weights and craftsmanship. The company specializes in the manufacture of oscillating weights, an essential component of watch movements. Horlyne offers a wide range of oscillating weights, all manufactured entirely in-house using only top-of-the-range materials. Thanks to its mastery of the various arts and crafts, the company also offers a wide range of watch-dressing services.

Petitpierre will be presenting its new metrology technology and top-of-the-range watchmaking tooling. The company specializes in the manufacture of special machines, measuring equipment, tooling and fixtures. Petitpierre will be demonstrating the drop and lumen devices, a revolutionary duo of two independent compact units that represent the perfect solution for micro-part cleaning in harsh workshop environments and post-production optical measurement.

H2i will be presenting its new-generation chronometric measuring instruments. The company designs and manufactures tools adapted to the demanding requirements of precision measurement of watches and watch movements. The Accuracy range for acoustic measurement and HMS technology for diurnal rate control will be demonstrated.

The Technical Watchmaker Show will be an opportunity for professional watchmakers to discover the latest innovations in the watchmaking industry. The show is also an opportunity for companies in the sector to present their products and services to a wide audience.

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