The AFT Micromechanics Company joins the Acrotec Group

Acrotec strengthens their diversification strategy with the addition to their group of a new company that specialise in the medical field. M Frésard, General Director of AFT Micromechanics who will remain at the head of his company, looks forward to this important move for his company.

” I am extremely happy to join the Acrotec group who will enable us to continue to advance “

Since its creation in 1997, AFT Micromechanics has specialised in the production of implants for orthopaedic and dental surgery as well as in the fields of urology, ENT and ophthalmology.

M François Billig, President of the Acrotec Group explains the logic behind this new development:

“The acquisition of AFT Micromechanics is consistent with our industrial diversification plans by expanding our presence in the high precision medical field”.